My Muse, My Muse

#30in30 Poem 11 of 30

My Muse, My Muse

Your arms wrap around me
As you whisper inspiration
Into my ear. Into my soul.

Flesh tempted
Heart racing
Mind focused

I write your thoughts
Your desires
Your dreams rush through me
Your caress moving me
Inspiring my words

My hands flow across keys
Each letter a gentle touch
Just the right pressure down
Just the right pressure up

We are one in thought
One in purpose
One in vision
One in body


Death Creeps In

#30in30 Poem 10 of 30

Death Creeps In

I hate the permanence of death
Its ever present presence
Its stench distant, but ever closer
Creeping in like a fog

Like the faint light
Hours before sunrise

Time is being cheated
Minutes and seconds and years
Slip through my fingers
Like blood from a slit wrist

I struggle to seal the wound
To save my life
To have more time
For me. For them.


Victory’s Seed

#30in30 Poem 9 of 30

Victory’s Seed

A bad day’s triumph
Can quell the soul’s rage
And plant victory’s seed
To bloom another day


Love and Lust

#30in30 Poem 8 of 30

Love and Lust

Once chance is all that I need
Far from eyes that know and seek
Gluttonous lust beckons me
Fulfilled today the master’s feast

Conscience be silent and still
Peace has triumphed over will
Rest now my soul take thy fill
Breathe in the love lust did kill

Good Morning

#30in30 Poem 7 of 30

Good Morning

And I know this doesn’t mean
That it’s over.

It’s just one day in a
Multitude of years
One moment in a life

Between us both we’ve seen the tragedy
Raggedy hearts beat in unison but
Are worn down from years of neglect

The light still shines for you
Words pour from the soul for you
To express this truth for you

And it feels good to let you know
To show you the horizon ahead of us
The sun breaking the crest for us

Take note my love. Of the light.
For now it gets brighter. Each day
A little higher in the sky

Last night’s tears become
Today’s morning dew
Yesterday’s fears become
Hope born anew

And We Were Hit On the Left Side

#30in30 Poem 6 of 30

And We Were Hit On the Left Side

My head fractures the glass at impact
Screeching tires was all I heard before
Shards of glass fill the car like
The glitter in a snow globe settling

Another impact from the right
Starts us bending towards it
Our arm reaching out to it
As if wanting to touch it
To understand why

The glitter now shines deep red
Floating before my eyes
Flipping and turning and sparkling

Out of focus
The sky is replaced with grey
Then sky then grey then blue
Then green lush grass beneath me

Sticks and Stones

#30in30 Poem 5 of 30

Sticks and Stones

One simple word
It fell from your lips
Like a sack of flour
From the cupboard
To the floor
The aftermath was the same
Time froze as it teetered
On the edge of your lips
Tumbling to the ground
Finalizing its deed
With a deep heavy thud

So Unkind

#30in30 Poem 4 of 30

So Unkind

You seem to me to be quite unkind
The kind of person without the time
The time without a moment to spare
To spare a moment with those who care

I care about your lack of smiles
The smiles would give me hope a while
A while ago you said you cared
Your care for me is no longer there

There comes a time when all must end
That which ends must begin again
Again I hope for one more try
I try again but you are so unkind

Water Devours Paper

#30in30 Poem 3 of 30

Water devours paper

In the end
All that matters
Is the contentment of
The heart and mind

In the past
It all began
With poisoned words
Of love and bitterness

Like acid to flesh
Water devours paper
Hearts and minds crushed
As the tears flow down


Mountain peaks overlook
Scattered flowers spread
Over plush green fields
Like potpourri from
The Almighty’s hand
The descending breeze
Whispers springs coming
To all who long to hear