Coming Soon – The Poet Tech Podcast

I am pleased to announce that within a few weeks I will be launching “The Poet Tech Podcast”, a new addition to the recently launched Cloudy Day Art Podcast Network.

The Poet Tech Podcast is a podcast for poets and writers about how we use technology, in the broadest form of the word, to create and interact with our works. I’ll discuss everything from computer hardware and websites to pens and paper.

Possible topics:

  • How to set up your own website to showcase your writing
  • Review of a popular notebook brand
  • Interviews with poetry website editors
  • How to podcast your writings

I’m looking forward to the launch, so please subscribe and stay tuned!

Cloudy Day Art Podcast #85 – Poetry for the Young Generation


This show is in honor of the festival that is taking place this week in Washington, DC. If you are in the area, I would love to meet up with you this week, so please drop me a line at my !  You can find out more information about the event at the Youth Speaks website. I blogged about the event as well.  (EDIT – This was a great event!)


This weeks poetry podcast features the poetry of:

– “For Little Boys Who Sometimes Fall Through the Cracks ”

– “Joys of Youth” (courtesy )

Outro song:

: “Young Folks”

Let me know your thoughts on these poems and if you have any ideas for upcoming shows.  All input is greatly appreciated!

*UPDATE* I’ve started to add some video here.

Listen here or download:

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Thanks for listening!


Cloudy Day Art #84 – Five Things I Learned from NaPoWriMo

I have had a couple of weeks to digest the experience that was (NaPoWriMo), so in this week’s poetry podcast I decided to share with you five things that I took away from the experience.


  1. Community is important
  2. Studying and practicing forms help build a better toolbox
  3. Reading poetry regularly helps build a better toolbox
  4. The importance of observing your surroundings
  5. When you don’t have a topic to write about, meditate 5 minutes to open up your mind

These are not the only things I learned, but a few of the key takeaways. In fact, listen in for a bonus #6.

I would love to hear lessons learned from anyone else who participated in this challenge or any other similar challenge. Just leave a comment, fill out the contact form, send and email, or call in to the voicemail line.

Special thanks to for sharing his poem “New York City Streets”!

Please go to his website to check out his many other projects and poetry.


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CDA #83 – Interview with poet Katie Haegele

This week’s poetry podcast interview is with poet and freelance journalist .

Katie interviewed a bunch of (APP) members back in September 2007 for an article in the , so I decided to interview her to find out a little bit about here.

We had a great conversation about poetry and she shared three poems of her own.

Also mentioned in this show:

Katie Haegele’s website, The La-La Theory

Copy of article Katie wrote about the APP

(Go here to find links to some of the folks who participated)

(sign up in the forums!)


Outro song: “Sun vs Moon” by (courtesy the )


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Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Cloudy Day Art Podcast #82 – Listener Poetry Show

This week’s podcast show features some listener submitted poetry.

Poets featured:

– “Pressing Against Us to be Heard”
Linda Bradley – “Fibro Fog”
Steven Pasfield – “Burning Eyes”
– “This Dark Midnight”
– “A Taste of Spring in an Early Winter Chill”
– “The Birth of the Poet in the Deep Deep Darkness”

Outro music:
“The Music that the Angels Do” –
(Listener interview – Cloudy Day Art #25)

Thanks to all who submitted poetry! I really appreciate it!

If you want your poetry played, please e-mail me at Will{at}

Other links mentioned:

Paula Small (thanks for the donation, Paula!)

” (Tairy Woodard’s poetry podcast)

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Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Cloudy Day Art #81 – Interview with Ted Kooser, former poet laureate of the United States.

Ted Kooser

This week’s show features an audio interview with , U.S. Poet Laureate from 2004-2006, and author of the previously reviewed book ““.

With its release, Ted has created the most influential item to ever change the way I think about writing poetry.  I highly recommend reading his book. [Read more…]

Cloudy Day Art #80 – Tips for Reading Poetry Aloud with Don from


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Have you been looking for ways to effectively improve your performance when reading your poetry at an open mic? Or, have you wanted to submit an audio file of yourself reading or reciting a poem to an online website, but not happy with the recorded result? Well, this is the poetry podcast episode for you!

Don, the host of the poetry podcast ““, shares his tips for reading poetry aloud. They include:

  • Be sure to give the poem the meaning you understand and feel.
  • If you feel something strongly, don’t be afraid to let that show.
  • Learn the importance of breath control
  • Diction – It’s crucial to hear the beginning and ending of each word
  • Read other people’s poetry aloud
  • Don’t be afraid of your own voice
  • Listen to actors reading poetry

Links mentioned:

– Don’s Podcast

(includes comments by me and other members)
(author of article)

I’d love to hear your tips for reading poetry aloud! Please comment below, e-mail, call in, or post in the forum.

Cloudy Day Art #79 – Discussion of Poetic Forms with Thom Ingram

Thom Ingram - Poet GuruThis week’s poetry podcast features a recent discussion with Thom Ingram about the importance and non-importance of learning, studying, and using the various poetic forms in our everyday writings.

It was a great discussion and I definitely learned a few insights that I will use in the construction of my own poems.

We would love to hear any feedback on this subject that you may have, so please leave a comment, send an e-mail or call in to the voicemail line with your thoughts!


Links mentioned in the show:

Thom Ingram’s .

Cloudy Day Art #78 – Billy Jones aka Billy the Blogging Poet

Bill the Blogging PoetThis week’s poetry podcast features an interview with blogging poet, aka ““.

I decided to interview Billy after coming across a blog that was participating is his “” Poetry Carnival. It was a great conversation and I’m looking forward to having him back on for more!

From here on out, I will conclude every interview with three things I picked up out of the interview. Here’s “My Three Things”:

  1. Billy really has a vision to get poets online
  2. Billy, and I partially, really believes every poet should have a blog
  3. Billy brought out a great point about how much poetry we should/should not put online

Listen in at the end of the interview for details.


Links mentioned:

– Billy’s blog

– Home of the poetry carnival

– Get your free poetry blog

– Billy’s media company

– Larry Winfield’s poetry podcast

– Vote Now!

Outro Music:
“Two Days Out of Seven” by (URL CORRECTED!)

– 3D online world

Cloudy Day Art #77 – The Free Poetry Show!

Finally! Another Cloudy Day Art poetry podcast has finally been released. It seems time goes by so fast these days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poetry featured in this show, courtesy of and .

Poetry featured:

” by of ““; remixed by

” by June Jordan ; recited by

” featuring the poetry of (Search Part 1); remixed by

” by

” featuring the of and the of ; remixed by (me!)

Outro Music:

” – remix by ; featuring the music of and the spoken word of

Links mentioned: