006 Poet Tech Podcast – Radames Ortiz and Jonathan Jindra

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poet Tech Podcast – Episode #006


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I was able to record a great discussion with poet Radames Ortiz and musician Jonathan Jindra this past weekend. We discussed their upcoming multimedia collaboration of poetry and music; the way artists release CDs now and how they are marketed; the tools used to put together the project; being independent versus being with a label, and much more.

Projects like these are what keeps poetry and poets fresh and creative. They shift the definition of poetry that has been etched in so many people’s minds and puts it front and center in the modern world.

Be sure to check out the sites of both of these artists. Give them feedback, say hello, and buy their works.

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005 Poet Tech Podcast – Talking Tech With Simon From Slam Idol

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poet Tech Podcast – Episode #005


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This episode features a discussion I had with Simon from The Slam Idol Podcast.  We talk about the history of poetry podcasting, where we are now,  what are the current trends, and what the future of poetry in tech and social media could be like.

Simon has a lot of great ideas about what he has planned for his long-running and ground-breaking show.  The Slam Idol Podcast started in April of 2005 and has been at the forefront of the poetry podcasting field. He is also the lead founder of The Association of Poetry Podcasting of which I am also a founding member.

I hope you get motivated by this conversation as much as I am and that you too get inspired to think outside the box about new ways to use and spread poetry.

This is a long episode, clocking in at 1 hour and 26 minutes, but it is worth a listen.

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Be sure to visit Simon and Slam Idol and let him know that you’re listening; and voting!

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004 Poet Tech Podcast – Poetry As a Social Media Tool

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poet Tech Podcast – Episode #004


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In light of the recent events in Haiti, I decided to talk about we as poets can use social media as a tool to bring about thoughts, action, and change in the world around us.

Here are the topic points of the discussion.  Listen in for the details and as always I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, by email, or voicemail. Thanks for listening!

  • Lots of news about how Twitter and social media is helping to spread news
    • Current example : The Earthquake in Haiti
      • People sharing ways to respond
      • Texting Haiti to the Red Cross has raised $25 million as of this recording
  • Sharing pictures and stories of those on the ground there
  • What has been the poet’s response?
    • Writing related poetry
    • Share it online
      • Personal website
      • Email to friends and family
  • What is the logical next step?
    • Stepping out of our poetry circles and sharing it on social media (twitter, facebook, etc)
    • Even better : Encouraging others to act
      • Give financially
      • Participate in an event
  • Hellicane by PodPoet was an example.  Dealt with the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina
  • Every poet has their social muse
  • Speak on those things that move you to write

“Poets, your words make people think, and when people think, they act, and act by act, the world changes, little by little.”

NotOneNotTwo via Twitter

“You are the spark of the world’s change, poets. Do not think yourselves powerless, or meaningless. You *have* power and meaning.”

NotOneNotTwo via Twitter

Other links mentioned:

Haiku for Haiti (via Dragonfly Archives)

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089 The Poetry Podcast – Interview with Gordon Buss

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poetry Podcast – Show #89


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This week’s show features a recording of an interview that I did with poet Gordon Buss over the weekend.  We had a great conversation about poetry, performing, sources of inspiration, and other topics. Gordon also shared three of his poems for us:

  • This Is All I Am
  • Is It Always Wrong
  • Dove

They are all wonderful pieces and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Be sure to stop by Gordon’s poetry site, Ugly Dog Poetry, to read and experience some of his poetry.  Be sure to leave him a comment and let him know what you thought.

Links mentioned in the interview:

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003 Poet Tech Podcast – The Future of Poetry Online

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poet Tech Podcast – Episode #3


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In this week’s episode I give my predictions of what the future of poetry online looks like from this point forward.  Here are the key points that I discuss. Listen in above or download the MP3 for the details:

  • Before the web, the only way a few ways to share poetry
  • Currently poetry is easier to put online than ever before. No technical barriers.
    • Anybody can create a poetry blog
    • Poetry can be posted on sites that aren’t specifically blogs
    • There are poetry specific web communities
    • New forms of sharing poetry are being embraced
  • Here is what I believe we’ll see in TwentyTen and beyond:
    • An slight upswing in poetry specific sites targeted at the masses. There is very little upend left.
    • An unavoidable decline in these sites.
    • Poets will host their own writings because of the ease of entry
    • The number of poetry magazines will continue to decline as poets begin to the value of social media to gain exposure
    • More poets will choose to self-publish their poetry books through on-demand sites such as LuLu.com and will stop seeking publishing deals and bulk book orders
    • There will be more poetry online than ever before because more people are online than ever before. Sharing every aspect of their lives.
    • Poets have an innate desire to share our creation

So, what are your predictions for the upcoming years? Do you agree or disagree with any of the statements that I made?

Let me know in the comments or by calling in to the voicemail line.

088 The Poetry Podcast – Jen, Charly, and Bruce

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poetry Podcast – Show #88


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This week’s episode of The Poetry Podcast features the following poets:

Outro music:

Gidgets GaGa – “A Christmas Wish”

Reminder: The Cloudy Day Art Podcast Network productions will be on a winter hiatus and will return to production on Sunday, January 3rd. The first release of 2010 will be on The Poet Tech Podcast.  The next Poetry Podcast will be out on January the 11th.

This gives you four weeks to record and send me your poems!  I’m looking forward to listening and sharing them with the rest of the Cloudy Day Art community.

Have a great holiday season and see you next year!

002 Poet Tech Podcast – Poetry Home Recording Basics

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poet Tech Podcast – Episode #002


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In this week’s podcast I go over the basics of poetry home recording.  Many of the topics discussed will be the subjects of upcoming episodes, so please feel free to ask questions or offer your own personal insights.  I know many of the listeners of this podcast and readers of the blog have had experience in this area as well. Please leave a comment. Thanks!

Topics discussed:

  • Show schedule update
  • Reasons for recording
    • Share on personal blog
    • Send to a friend or family
    • Record a series of poems to sell via CD or download (future series)
    • Send in for sharing on a poetry podcast
  • How can it help you as a poet
    • Reciting a poem out loud can help you get a better feel of how the piece flows, which may lead you to revise it
    • Listening to the playback of your recital can give you a feel of how an audience member or even a reader receives it
    • Sharing audio of you poetry can help give you exposure if you are trying to promote your works
      • Play on podcasts
      • Audio samples of a CD you have for sale
  • Equipment needed:
    • Microphone
      • Internal laptop microphone
      • Web-cam microphone
      • USB microphone (cheap or expensive) ($15-400)
      • Hand-held dynamic (cheap or expensive)
    • Mixer (only if using higher end microphone)
      • $50-1,400
    • Recording device
      • Computer
      • External recorder
        • Can be used to record to without buying a mic or mixer
        • No noise from computer components (electronic noise and static)
        • No loss of recordings from software issues (mainly affects longer recordings)
  • Process
  • Other options

Thanks for listening! I looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

087 The Poetry Podcast #87

Cloudy Day Art Presents:
The Poetry Podcast – Show #87


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This week’s show features the poetry of:

I also play a song by Allison Crowe entitled “Choose to Be” (Courtesy Music Alley)

Please be sure to visit the website of all the featured artists and let them know that you heard their works on Cloudy Day Art’s “The Poetry Podcast”!

Let me know what you think of the show in the comments! Thanks for listening.

001 Poet Tech Podcast – Why Poet Tech?


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Welcome to the first episode of The Poet Tech Podcast!

In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • The purpose of The Poet Tech Podcast
  • Play a welcome message from Simon from Slam Idol
  • Talk about the benefits and distractions of tech and social media
  • How we can ensure tech and new media distractions don’t hinder our writing

Links mentioned:

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086 – The Poetry Podcast – Welcome Back!


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Welcome back to The Poetry Podcast presented by Cloudy Day Art!  It has been a long time since our last podcast.  I’m so glad that you decided to listen to this week’s show.  I really appreciate it! Take a listen to hear about where I’ve been and where the show, and website, is going.

Featured in this week’s show:

Please let me know what you think of the show in the comments!