The Only Thing You Can Change

You can’t change your entire life.

You can only change your next action.

You can’t change a relationship with a loved one.

You can only change your next interaction.

You can’t change your entire job.

You can only change your next task.

You can’t change your body composition.

You can only change your next meal.

You can’t change your fitness level.

You can only start moving.

You can’t declutter your entire life.

You can only get choose to get rid of one thing, right now.

You can’t eliminate your entire debt.

You can only make one payment, or buy one less unnecessary item.

You can’t change the past, or control the future.

You can only change what you’re doing right now.

You can’t change everything.

You can only change one, small thing.

And that’s all it takes.

Reprinted from mnmlist

Will Brown

Will Brown is a poet, blogger, and a scanner of all things new. He also currently blogs at Help Desk Helps where he discusses tips and issues affecting the help desk professional.

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  1. thanks Will. The present and now can be the most peacefull place. I might be coming back for permissions to use with work!!

    • No problem, Gordon.
      This was actually copied from another blog here:

      The author, Leo Babauta, has made the entire site “uncopyrighted”. Meaning you are free to copy, change, and improve upon anything there. I just did a simple copy and past and formatted to make it seem more poetical.

      Really great info.

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