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Have you been looking for ways to effectively improve your performance when reading your poetry at an open mic? Or, have you wanted to submit an audio file of yourself reading or reciting a poem to an online website, but not happy with the recorded result? Well, this is the poetry podcast episode for you!

Don, the host of the poetry podcast ““, shares his tips for reading poetry aloud. They include:

  • Be sure to give the poem the meaning you understand and feel.
  • If you feel something strongly, don’t be afraid to let that show.
  • Learn the importance of breath control
  • Diction – It’s crucial to hear the beginning and ending of each word
  • Read other people’s poetry aloud
  • Don’t be afraid of your own voice
  • Listen to actors reading poetry

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I’d love to hear your tips for reading poetry aloud! Please comment below, e-mail, call in, or post in the forum.

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