Poet Nikki Giovanni – We Are Virginia Tech

A beautiful, inspiring, and heartfelt poem by poet and Virginia Tech professor . Close your eyes and listen.

Will Brown

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  1. Will,

    Thank you for always providing interesting & timely footage. This was awesome!


  2. No problem, Paula.
    I just had to share this. It was such a beautiful response to the pain that those folks were going through.

  3. Very interesting, this poem truly inspires us to regain hope and fait in the wake of the huge tragedy that killed so many innocent youths a hard-working teacher who had survived hitler’s death camps.

  4. Yes, it does inspire many, Julian. There were so many lives that were forever changed that day.

    I just pray that we all take this opportunity to think about something we can change or reinforce in ourselves to honor the students, faculty, and family there.

  5. i am not sure
    for what i am
    more inspired
    nikki’s words
    nikki’s will
    to allow others
    to survive

    peace on earth

  6. Thanks for the comment, Jaime-lee.
    She is definitely an inspiration.

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