The Lament of the Non-Slam Poet

Just read a by dealing with poetry slams and the mentality behind them. I highly suggest reading it and checking out the article he refers to “Do We Still Need the Poetry Slam?” by .

I really do enjoy the experience of a poetry slam, but unfortunatley the lesser, quiet, more introspective poet sometimes gets lost in the grandeur of the other more vocal and animated slammers. Yes, I know that is a big part of the poetry slam–how well you move and excite the crowd and I do believe that a truly great poem can out-shout a loud-mouth by the sheer beauty of the words, but still….

My heart just bleeds for the little guy.

The poet that pours his soul into the paper. The poet that literally becomes exhausted at the end of writing an eight line poem that would never be entered into a slam, but dies to be heard. I know that is what open mic events are for, but still…

I ache for the little guy with the small voice.

Poetry slam is quickly losing its function as a community building force among poets, which is often the first reason a lot of “old-timers” site as why the poetry slam was created. We need to move on from the ill-fated slam and find another forum or structure by which to network, support, and push each other as performers and writers. Slam has devolved into a place where we rarely offer honest critical advice, relying solely on the affirmation of audience applause or winning of a slam as “evidence” of our credibility as an artist.

–Carlos Andres Gomez

Well said, Carlos.

Well said, StrUHT.



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