Cloudy Day Art #61 – Interview with poet Sandra Miller-Salyer

Sandra Miller-SalyerThis week’s poetry podcast is an interview with fellow DC-area poet, Sandra Miller-Salyer. We have a great conversation about poetry, inspiration, publishing, copyright, and community.

I also asked Sandra to bring three poems:
– One that brought her to tears when she wrote it.
– One that makes her smile every time that she reads it.
– One of her favorite poems. (This actually turned out as a belated “Second Sunday” poem.)

Outro song:
“Missing You” by Bobby Tinsley

Links mentioned:
Maya Angelou
The Write Stuff

“September” is next month’s “Second Sunday” theme!!!


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  1. Hey Will, I have my poetry on my hard drive, on CD, and on a thumb drive. Gotta love those USB drives.

    I have a few comments on Copyright. The copyright office is where you register your copyright (this is what you need to sue anyone for breaching your copyright). Your work is copyrighted as soon as it is on a tangible medium like print or digital form. But in talking about copyright, you’d also need to take into effect the DMCA ( Digital Media Copyright Act )all our media is digital.

    I like keep things simple tho and use a Creative Commons license to distribute rights. There are many to suit the needs of the many. When we create a work, we have a number of rights and as creators, we choose which rights we license out or the ones we keep. I personally think it is up to the creator of a work what they want to do with their work and their copyright. I can also go on, on how long a copyright should last.

    Here is a good article of many by Brad Templeton
    Also another good talk is when should copyrights pass into the public domain. And why they should pass into the public domain.

  2. That’s really good information, Bob!
    I’ll talk about both of your comments during the next show.

    Thanks for contributing.

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