National Poetry Month. Overated?

Here’s an article I found on Newsweek/MSNBC talking about the apparent debate over the validity/importance of “National Poetry Month”.

The Cruelest (and Coolest) Month

It was really quite interesting to read both sides of the argument. However, those in the “National Poetry Month is a silly premise” category always seemed to come across as a bit elitist and proud of it.

Sure, on the surface, it may seem to demean the art of poetry to some, but I think the positive out-weighs any negative connotations. It is, in my opinion, the one time of the year when poetry is even talked about by some individuals and columnists. Just listen to my “Man on the Street” interviews a couple of podcasts back. Those individuals didn’t know it was National Poetry Month, but now they do. And now they will remember.

National Poetry Month. I’m all for it.

Will Brown

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