Cloudy Day Art #40 – Poetry is Music

This week’s show features poetry set to music.
Here are this week’s songs:

“99 Percent Diamonds” by Fourstones
“Where Should I Land” by PC Munoz
“Beneath the Mulberry” by Patricia Irvine
“Your Drawing” by Rachel Kann
“Everyday Choices” by Colin
“Cinderella” by De Indespensables

Listener John Morris emailed these pictures of his artwork. Feel free to leave feedback for him:
Picture #1
Picture #2


Size: 17.9MB
Length: 26:05


Will Brown

Will Brown is a poet, blogger, and a scanner of all things new. He also currently blogs at Help Desk Helps where he discusses tips and issues affecting the help desk professional.

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  1. hey you, from on poet to another, thanks so much for playing my work!


  2. No problem, Rachel.
    It was my pleasure!

  3. This show sounded really great, Will. Wonderful content.
    How are you handling noise reduction on your mic, Will? You’ve made some improvements recently, haven’t you?

  4. Thank, Simon!
    Yeah, I have a noisy computer, so I figured the best noise reduction method is to get away from the noise.

    So, I take my mic, mixer, and portable recorder to the most quiet room of the house. I also turn down the the volume on my mic, so that I have to be relatively close to it and to make it harder for it to pick up any other noise that may be in the room.

    Lastly, another podcaster mentioned that recording in stereo doesn’t really double the file size as many believe. I figured it would help the music sound better at least.

  5. Nice show, Will. Thanks for doing the legwork and discovering these great selections for us. Great diversity too. Not to play favorites, but “Where Should I Land” was funky, sweet, funny, and the vocal work was fantastic.

  6. Thanks, Harry.
    I find it fun to put these together.
    Yeah, I liked that one, too.
    I like to put songs on the “poetry to music” shows that I actually enjoy listening to.

    *Hmmm…I just noticed the funky image next to these comments. I think that’s from the “Gravatar” plugin I installed awhile back…does anyone actually use those???

  7. Yeah, thanks so much for sharing my words and music. An album of legal remixes of my work is about to be released through iTunes, Yahoo Music, etc. in a few weeks. It’ll be available through my website. Take care.

  8. Thank you, Colin.
    I’ll pass on the information to the listeners as soon as I see that its available. Feel free to email me once it is released as a reminder.


  9. Hi Will,

    Just wanted to pass the word that the album of remixes is now available on Napster and iTunes. It’s called “Premixed.”

    Hope all is well with you,

  10. No problem, Rachel.
    It was my pleasure!

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