Podcastercon, open mic, and more

Ok, so its been a little while….again. 🙂
Anyway, last week’s Podcastercon2006 was a great event and I had a great time meeting fellow podcasters of all levels. I made a few new friends and exchanged business cards with a lot of folks. I’ll be playing some of their promos over the next few weeks.

Oh, in my last post I mentioned the Tuesday night open mic at Bus Boys and Poets here in DC. It was an amazing evening with a wide variety of poets. The host changes every week, so you are sure to get a slightly different flavor every time you go. That week’s host was a part of a group called “Poets against the war”, so there were a lot of politically charged poems spoken that night. Very much expected here in the capitol.

I recorded over 2 hours of audio from it, so I may have some of that in this weekend’s show. It depends on how much I am able to salvage from an interview I did over Skype on Monday. I interviewed Rg, the founder of BZOO Homegrown Radio, but for some reason I was getting a lot of echo from his voice. This is a problem I have never experienced, but a lot of podcasters have when recording Skype. I hadn’t recorded an interview like this in a while, so it may be that I didn’t connect a cable or set a setting correctly. We’ll see.

Anyway, the results of that will determine whether or not I put the open mic recording out there this week.

Ok, just wanted to drop by an update.

Oh, be on the lookout for a few changes coming to the website over the next few weeks. Its time to change a few things around!


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  1. It was great to meet you in Chapel Hill, Will. Thanks for coming all the way down here!

    BTW, I love Busboys & Poets. It’s one of my favorite spots in DC. Great politics, great food, great art, great wifi…

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