Going to my first DC open mic

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to my first open mic here in DC since I arrived in November. It’s being held at “Busboys and Poets“. It seems to be a pretty popular place. I think I’ll do a sound-seeing tour so that you all can come along.

I’ll post a blog note with a review.

Next week is the Second Sunday show, so I may save it for the next week.

I just got off of Skype with Tairy from “Little Red’s Writing Hood” poetry podcast. We’re swapping promos and planning a show together within the next 4-6 weeks. Check out her show. She’s experimenting with a lot of different things in poetry as well. I think it will be a great conversation. (I’ve also added her to the “Ever-Evolving Link List

Will Brown

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  1. Peace,

    How’d that D.C. thing turn out for you? ‘the heat'(collective), calls Philly home for the most part but I’ve had some great experiences in D.C. as well. If your still trying to find your way around the scene there take a look at http://www.brokeballer.com . It’s Droopy’s spot. Might help you out a little.
    Be Blessed
    the whisper

  2. Thanks, whisper.
    Very nice site by the way. I’ll be sure to check you out if I’m ever up in Philly.


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