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Cloudy Day Art #36 – Bus Boys and Poets open mic – – (206) 339-POET

This week’s poetry podcast contains audio from my recent trip to “BusBoys and Poets” for their Tuesday night open mic. Be sure to check them out if you are ever in DC. It’s a great restaurant, bookstore, and venue.

Highlights of this week’s show:
– Get your poems ready for February’s “Second Sunday”. Theme = “14”
Slam Idol Podcast contest #8 voting has begun
– Selection of 6 poets from the open mic
– Outro song by one of the participants Amaneah (sp?)
Amaneah (sp?) with his 5 piece steel drum set


Size: 21.5MB
Length: 31:25

This week's show will post on Monday

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that this week’s show will be posted on Monday night. I usually have everything up by late Sunday night, but couldn’t do it tonight.

I have some great poetry clips from the open mic I went to a couple of weeks ago.

You’ll hear from me soon.


Sound technique…yeesh!

Wow, I just relistened to the latest show, and wow does the sound suck this week. My apologies everyone. My vocals are extremely muffled. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happpen this upcoming week.

Next week’s show will be the audio tour of the BusBoys and Poets Tuesday night open mic that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to do an interview with a representative from there eventually as well.

Cloudy Day Art #35 – Interview with Rg of – – (206) 339-POET

I had a wonderful time interviewing this week’s guest. Rg is the founder of BZOO Homegrown Radio with whom this poetry podcast is syndicated. Thanks to Rg for being a delightful guest! Be sure to check out the show while you’re surfing the web. Its on 24/7!

Here’s this week’s breakdown:

01:00 Art-A-Go podcast promo
02:19 Congrats to Thom Ingram; won “Ode Less Traveled” for last week’s “Second Sunday”
03:28 Next month’s “Second Sunday” theme is “Fourteen”. Submit by 12 Feb.
05:24 Interview with Rg begins
06:05 How did BZOO Homegrown Radio begin?
09:35 The growth of BZOO and
11:55 What the near future holds for BZOO
15:15 How to contribute to BZOO
16:07 So, what’s your inspiration?
17:27 Thanks, Rg!
18:37 Song: “To Be Free” by Cholly
22:02 Commentary on song and freedom
23:39 Poetry Resource of the Week: CCMixter.Org


Size: 18.2MB
Length: 26:35

Podcastercon, open mic, and more

Ok, so its been a little while….again. 🙂
Anyway, last week’s Podcastercon2006 was a great event and I had a great time meeting fellow podcasters of all levels. I made a few new friends and exchanged business cards with a lot of folks. I’ll be playing some of their promos over the next few weeks.

Oh, in my last post I mentioned the Tuesday night open mic at Bus Boys and Poets here in DC. It was an amazing evening with a wide variety of poets. The host changes every week, so you are sure to get a slightly different flavor every time you go. That week’s host was a part of a group called “Poets against the war”, so there were a lot of politically charged poems spoken that night. Very much expected here in the capitol.

I recorded over 2 hours of audio from it, so I may have some of that in this weekend’s show. It depends on how much I am able to salvage from an interview I did over Skype on Monday. I interviewed Rg, the founder of BZOO Homegrown Radio, but for some reason I was getting a lot of echo from his voice. This is a problem I have never experienced, but a lot of podcasters have when recording Skype. I hadn’t recorded an interview like this in a while, so it may be that I didn’t connect a cable or set a setting correctly. We’ll see.

Anyway, the results of that will determine whether or not I put the open mic recording out there this week.

Ok, just wanted to drop by an update.

Oh, be on the lookout for a few changes coming to the website over the next few weeks. Its time to change a few things around!


Cloudy Day Art #34 – Second Sunday for January – – (206) 339-POET

It’s Second Sunday everybody! You know what that means: Great poetry provided by you the listener.
Thanks to the following for submitting their poetry:

Dan Adinolfi of the poetry podcast
Thom Ingram of the Poet Guru poetry podcast
Robert Parent of the Write Stuff poetry podcast

Outro song “New Years Resolution” by Bill deRome


Length: 18:21
Size: 10.5MB

Going to my first DC open mic

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to my first open mic here in DC since I arrived in November. It’s being held at “Busboys and Poets“. It seems to be a pretty popular place. I think I’ll do a sound-seeing tour so that you all can come along.

I’ll post a blog note with a review.

Next week is the Second Sunday show, so I may save it for the next week.

I just got off of Skype with Tairy from “Little Red’s Writing Hood” poetry podcast. We’re swapping promos and planning a show together within the next 4-6 weeks. Check out her show. She’s experimenting with a lot of different things in poetry as well. I think it will be a great conversation. (I’ve also added her to the “Ever-Evolving Link List

Cloudy Day Art #33 – Inspiration 2006 – – (206) 339-POET

Happy New Year!!! This week’s poetry podcast is a discussion of inspiration for the new year.
Wow, I really need to stop taking these breaks between shows.

Links mentioned:
We Regret Poetry” article
PodcasterCon 2006
Media Artist Secrets podcast

Outro song “Auld Lang Syne” by Friction Bailey


Size – 10.2MB
Length – 17:55