Cloudy Day Art #31 – Second Sunday for December

It’s Second Sunday everybody! I hope you enjoy this week’s show.
I’m really enjoying putting together these shows, so be sure to get your poem together early for next month’s show.

Here’s this week’s breakdown:

01:10 The Word Nerds promo
03:17 DC Podcasters meetup this week
04:47 Queenie launches her podcast for her audio book “Forever Fifteen
06:04 “Winter’s Wonderland” by Paula Small
07:33 “Winter Solstice” by Belinda Subraman
09:40 “Winter Solace” by Will Brown
12:00 Outro Song – “In The Bleak Midwinter” by Allison Crowe
17:10 Poetry Resource of the Week –


Will Brown

Will Brown is a poet, blogger, and a scanner of all things new. He also currently blogs at Help Desk Helps where he discusses tips and issues affecting the help desk professional.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I loved your piece with all the sound effects. From where are you getting those sounds?. Can you get them off the internet or is it a program you can buy? Just curious. I thought it was dramatic and it sure keeps one’s attention. I enjoyed Paula Small too. I heard her recently on Slam Idol.

    I look forward to seeing what new innovation you do next!

  2. Thanks, Belinda. I enjoyed both Paula and your poems.

    I had fun creating that little bit. I found all of the sounds using a sound search engine: . You just type in whatever sound you’re looking for.

    The wind and the footstep clips were only a few seconds long so I just copied and pasted the clips back to back in Audacity. I then cut out random chunks to make sure it didn’t sound like a loop.


  3. Holiday greetings!

    Will – Thanks for the link to the sound search engine; very nice! Each of your poems is like a Cracker Jack prize [or a box of chocolates]; I’m always excited to hear “what’s next”. I appreciate the positive feedback!

    Belinda – Thank you for the kind words also!

    I look forward to always hearing poetry from both of you, so it was quite a treat to have my poem included with your selections!


  4. Will, I thought your poem was great. I’m a big fan of SFX in an audio-poem & of narrative poetry in general. I only started listening to your podcast 2 weeks ago and I’ve really liked it so far. I was going to try and submit a poem but i didn’t finish in time. Oh well, maybe next time!

  5. Thanks, Colin!
    I hope you keep listening.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get to enter this month’s contest, but there is plenty of time left for next month’s show. January’s theme is “Resolutions”.

    Send me a link to your website/blog if you have one.


  6. I’ve just listened to the show. Congratulations to Paula, Belinda and Will for your wonderful poems and differing interpretations of the theme.


  1. […] A ‘poema’ is what I’ve decided to call my soundscape poetry dramas. Poetry + drama = poema. Some of you recall my previous two “Winter Solace” and “Be Silent“. […]

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