Been a good week

It’s been a good week here at Cloudy Day Art.

Good Week Pt 1: I managed to put up a podcast after another hiatus. We’re finally settling in here in DC, so things should be back on the regular schedule.

Good Week Pt 2: I wrote a poem for the first time in awhile, too. That was the “How to Try” poem mention in podcast #30. I think it turned out rather nicely. It was one of those that just flow out of you as you write it. I think I will definitely rework it over time. I think the “natural flow” written poems are good candidates for future modifications because they have a solid emotional/spiritual foundation at the base.

Good Week Pt 3: Cloudy Day Art and myself received a nice mention from Paula Small and Simon Toon on Simon’s Slam Idol Podcast where Paula was the guest. That kind of thing always makes blush, but it is very encouraging as well. Paula’ s poem “Seekin’ Wisdom” (Slam Idol 61) was very well done and is doing great in the competion. Definitely one of my favorites from this competion.

Good Week Pt4: I was contacted by two poetry podcast hosts that I had never heard of before. I added one, “30 Days” by Scott Glassman, to the links section, but I wasn’t sure if I had the correct website for the other one. She posted a note in the forums. That was is called “Little Red’s Writing Hood“. I’ll see if they have a promo to share.

Wow, the week isn’t even over yet. Let’s hope there’s more to come.


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