I recently discovered a cool new site called Urbis.

Urbis.com is a feedback community for creative people who want to improve their work or discover how like-minded individuals respond to it.

It seems like a good idea. You can potentially get some good feedback on your writings. What sets this site apart from other critique forums is its unique credit system. You receive credits for leaving feedback on someone else’s work and debits when you submit a work to be reviewed. So, the more works you leave feeback for the more credits you receive. If you just submit your work for review then eventually you’ll run out of credit and not be able to upload anything new. So, the system rewards you for helping other writers with their work. Also, the longer the feedback you leave for someone, the more credit you receive. Nice.


Will Brown

Will Brown is a poet, blogger, and a scanner of all things new. He also currently blogs at Help Desk Helps where he discusses tips and issues affecting the help desk professional.

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  1. I can’t recall if I have been on the Urbis site before but there are several others that I have tried. Generally they only work if you are doing pretty much what everybody else is doing. Togetherness is well togetherness, good or bad. I guess it is like chicken soup, good because everybody believes “Chicken Soup is Good for [fill in the blank]” without subjecting it to scrutiny.

    I have not listened to any of your podcasts yrt. I am looking forward to it at this point. I like your stone picture theme–my blogger image may provide a hint of minds in the same geological strata.

    Credit? Isn’t that something registrars look for when they count you out?

    balls of stone

  2. Glen,
    Poetry message boards have been the only places I’ve seen where other poets/writers can provide feedback to you. I’d be interested in checking out any actual sites that do similar.
    I thought Urbis.com was different because the credit system encouraged you to leave feedback for others, so that you could continue to have your works reviewed.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I like your experimentation with different forms of poetry on your site.

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