Settling in

Well, we’ve made it to DC, but it looks like it will be a week or two before we are fully settled in. And by “fully settled in” I mean when we have broadband access in the home. Its amazing how we define life’s moments isn’t it?

There obviously wasn’t a show this week, but I’ll be back for “Second Sunday” this weekend. I’ll talk about the trip, life in DC so far, and the future of the show. Yes, the show will go on.

Oh, be sure and check out the latest Slam Idol Podcast for a poem inspired by my poem “Chocolate”. I’m not quite sure of the common tie besides the title “Chocolate Spread”, but it is very interesting none the less. Odd, but interesting.

One quick reflection on DC is that because of the distance from my future home (I’m still in a hotel) and DC proper, I don’t know how often I will be able to get to a poetry event. More importantly will be the logistics of interviewing local poets. I’ll have to use my iRiver and lav mics I suppose, but the sound doesn’t compare to my “studio” mics. Then again, I haven’t done a “studio” interview in awhile anyway. Hmmmm….

Ok. Stay tuned and you’ll hear from me soon.


Will Brown

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  1. Hey Will, I think you’ve got to take ‘Chocolate spread’ as a compliment. Either you’re an inspiration, or else you’re so successful that people would parody you. Either way, it shows you’ve had an effect.

  2. Good point, Simon.
    Its a good thing any time you inspire someone to create art. Inspiration can be drawn from many places and other poets can be another source.

  3. Hi Will!

    Glad you & your family arrived in D.C. safe & sound. I recently switched from dial-up to DSL & I understand what you mean!

    Thanks for posting another ‘cast, in the midst of all your unpacking.

    Also, I agree with you & Simon about “Chocolate Spread”. It’s odd, interesting & at the very least, a compliment of sorts.

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