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This week’s show turned out a little different. I’m not really sure why, but I just wanted to come at the show from a different angle this week. I think it turned out pretty good. I’ll probably keep some parts of this week’s format for future shows.

I may add a “The Way I See It” commentary on things going on in the poetry community and things I see in the news (which is a section I need to update) as well. If you don’t like it, just tell me to shut up, but it would be interesting to hear your feedback if you agree/disagree with something I say. Just trying to deepen the connection with the audience I guess.

I think that I’m going to get rid of the “Forum” portion of the site. Nobody uses it. I don’t even use it. It has its place on the web, but I don’t think it fits the podcast much. I may change my mind in the future, but I’m looking for a better way to interact with listeners. The comments under each posting seem to work, but they seem so temporary. Hmmm….

Anyway, we will finally move into our house on the 28th and we can’t wait! Living in the temporary quarters gets old after a while. You just want to be “home”. Plus, not being able to connect to the internet at will is a pain as well. Currently, I have to go over to the library where I have a 30 minute time limit. Speaking of which…times up!

Ok, I’ll post more later.


Cloudy Day Art #29 – Poetic Discussions

Ok, so this week’s show is a day late, but its still right on time. This week’s show is a little different. I open up a discussion on a few topics. Feel free to chime in.

Here’s the breakdown:

01:00 Intro music – FuriousBall “Naked Under Leather”
01:25 Congrats to Robert Parent (won “Poems for Augustine“)
01:50 Next month’s “Second Sunday” theme: Winter
02:40 Listener Tour of Homes
04:55 Inspired by “Chocolate” (Slam Idol)
07:00 The community of poets
08:28 AnnMarie Eldon‘s poem “Sunday Mourning”
12:50 Drowned poet Dennis Kim
15:23 Robert Parent Essay commentary
19:16 Belinda Subraman interview with artist Celia commentary
23:37 WendiSue feeback
25:48 Outro song “Suffer the Loss” by WendiSue


Size – 20.6 MB
Length – 30:00 min


I recently discovered a cool new site called Urbis. is a feedback community for creative people who want to improve their work or discover how like-minded individuals respond to it.

It seems like a good idea. You can potentially get some good feedback on your writings. What sets this site apart from other critique forums is its unique credit system. You receive credits for leaving feedback on someone else’s work and debits when you submit a work to be reviewed. So, the more works you leave feeback for the more credits you receive. If you just submit your work for review then eventually you’ll run out of credit and not be able to upload anything new. So, the system rewards you for helping other writers with their work. Also, the longer the feedback you leave for someone, the more credit you receive. Nice.


Cloudy Day Art #28 – Second Sunday for November – "Personal Growth"

Its the first podcast from Washington, DC! I’ve been here about a week now and I really think I’m going to like the area. Continue to check out my BLOG for periodic updates throughout the week.

One of this week’s contributers will receive a book of poetry by previous guest poet Marcus Amaker entitled “Poems for Augustine”.

Here’s this week’s breakdown:

02:46 Promo – Belinda Subraman‘s “Gypsy Art Show” on BZOO Homegrown Radio.
04:35 Cloudy Day Art soon to be syndicated on BZOO.
05:07 Belinda Subraman‘s poem “Thanksgiving”
07:59 Robert G. Parent‘s poem “Leap of Faith”
10:07 My poem “To Be Super-Human”
12:51 Outro song: Pigeon John – “Eviction Notice”


Total time: 17:22
Size: 13MB


Settling in

Well, we’ve made it to DC, but it looks like it will be a week or two before we are fully settled in. And by “fully settled in” I mean when we have broadband access in the home. Its amazing how we define life’s moments isn’t it?

There obviously wasn’t a show this week, but I’ll be back for “Second Sunday” this weekend. I’ll talk about the trip, life in DC so far, and the future of the show. Yes, the show will go on.

Oh, be sure and check out the latest Slam Idol Podcast for a poem inspired by my poem “Chocolate”. I’m not quite sure of the common tie besides the title “Chocolate Spread”, but it is very interesting none the less. Odd, but interesting.

One quick reflection on DC is that because of the distance from my future home (I’m still in a hotel) and DC proper, I don’t know how often I will be able to get to a poetry event. More importantly will be the logistics of interviewing local poets. I’ll have to use my iRiver and lav mics I suppose, but the sound doesn’t compare to my “studio” mics. Then again, I haven’t done a “studio” interview in awhile anyway. Hmmmm….

Ok. Stay tuned and you’ll hear from me soon.


Almost there

Ok, we stopped for the night in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and will be making the last leg of the trip to DC today.
You don’t realize how much you use broadband and how large a part it plays in your life until you go without! The wireless access in the hotel was down for most of the stay, but its up and running now. It shoot and miss with these networks it seems. Adam Curry is right.

Ok, I’m off to pack up the truck. See you in DC!