Stephen Fry on Slam Idol

I would highly suggest listening to Simon Toon’s latest “Slam Idol Podcast”. It features a very thought provoking interview with actor/poet Stephen Fry.
Mr. Fry gives his take on modern poetry and gives his reasons as to why a poet needs to study poetry to be a better poet.

“The art of poetry consists of technique”

Learning different techniques, at the very least, allows you to have a greater foundation to build future poetry on. I think a lot of poets shy away from learning different forms and styles of poetry, because they believe that their style is unique. In actuality their style is a technique that they have picked up from influences in their lives and simply added to and tweaked to their liking. “There is nothing new under the sun”.

I encourage all poets to learn the basics of structure and rhythm and apply them to their own works. If you don’t learn something from it, then move on and forget I ever mentioned it. I have the feeling you’ll be a better poet in the end.


Will Brown

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