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Well, as you heard in the show, I lost about 10 minutes of my interview with Listener because I forgot to hit the record button. This is actually the second interview I did this with. The first time was while I was interviewing Larry Winfield. Hence the “Yeah, Larry, I did it again” line.

So, to prevent that from happening again, I reworked my hardware setup for my Skype calls. I’m back to a simpler, less confusing setup. The funny thing is that I thought I tried this a few months ago, but couldn’t get it to work. Oh well, it works now, so I shouldn’t have that issue anymore.

Back to the listener interview. Despite my technical difficulties, I felt that this was one of my better shows for some reason. Not sure why, but I just felt good about the finished product. I’ve actually listened to this one a couple of times over. That’s something I never do. Weird.

Anyway, I just added a couple of links in the “Links” section: and some of my favorite podcasts.


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  1. Those things can happen man. Atleast you realized it before the interview was over, haha. Brush it off and keep going.

    I have to agree with you. Your shows keep getting better every podcast. You have the perfect mix of content for my particular interest.

    As I have mentioned before, I don’t write poetry, but the more I listen to your show the more it interests me. I have read the average dose of poetry through school, but I don’t think I appreciate it as much as it deserves.

    Until next time, take care and keep the shows coming.

  2. Thanks, Pencique.
    I hope that you do keep listening. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to start reading some poetry or attending a poetry event in your city.

    That would be cool.


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