Cloudy Day Art #22 – Inspiration Becomes You

Back for another week here at the Cloudy Day Art poetry podcast! Thank you all for listening in and your support. Here’s the break down of this week’s show:

00:06 Intro song “So Funky it Stinks” by furiousBall from the Podsafe Music Network.
01:54 Sundown Lounge promo
04:53 “Second Sunday” poetry challenge
06:38 My poem “Strange Indeed”
07:54 My poem “Too Easy”
08:42 My poem “Trees for Haiti”
10:28 Thoughts on inspiration
11:30 Impromtu Skype poetry challenge
18:33 Poetry Resource of the Week: Foetry
21:20 Outro song “The Sickness” by WendiSue produced by DJ COA

Total length = 24:19


Will Brown

Will Brown is a poet, blogger, and a scanner of all things new. He also currently blogs at Help Desk Helps where he discusses tips and issues affecting the help desk professional.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I’m listening to your show right now. I’m glad to hear Larry Winfield mentioned and look forward to his interview. His show has a unique feel.

    Good to hear you read your poems….The Skype Me idea was interesting. I have thought of the same thing…sorta…but haven’t done it. Kinda tempting though. Your interview with the the British lady is cute. I look forward to hearing your poem on crystals!

    I will look through my files for poems on hope. Surely, I will find some. Surely I am not hopeless! I will make an MP3 file and send to you.

    Hey, does the three permanent links on my website to Cloudy Day Art and the two coming out in a week or so in count for a link along the side of your page?

    I’m now listening to WendiSue. Nice and funky..driving beat.

    Okay, the show is over.

    God Bless.


  2. Thanks, Belinda.
    I do have a few ideas for the “Crystal” theme. I might go the metaphysical direction, but I’m not sure yet.

    Please, do submit a poem on “hope”. I’m sure you have something within your vast library of works. If not, then, something must be wrong! 🙂

    Oh, the sidebar link is purely automatic. It adds a link once someone clicks the link to my page from your page. But, I am seeing that it doesn’t recognize some sites correctly. I think it doesn’t recognize the Flash connection on yours, but I’m not sure why it isn’t working on Simon’s Slam Idol either. (I’ve clicked both of your links to test it). Anyway, I’ll be adding direct links for both of you in my new “Links” section soon. This was just an experiment. I truly appreciate the links on your site.

    Ok, thanks for listening Belinda!

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for using So Funky on your podshow. Send me an email if you’d like me to send you a CD. Again, much appreciated – great to see people supporting indie musicians. You made my day!

  4. Van,
    It was a pleasure to play your song. Thank you for allowing me to play it! I’ll shoot you an email.

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