Cloudy Day Art #21 – Hellicane with Steve Shultz aka PodPoet

Podcasting is such a wonderfully smallWorld. Just last week in my interview with Simon from Slam Idol we discussed a poetry podcast that we had not heard from in a while. Listen in to the show to see how this all came together. Here’s this week’s breakdown:

01:08 Slam Idol Podcast voting promo
04:02 Poem “Is This My Country” by Steve Shultz
06:18 Three degrees of separation aka How it all came together
07:25 Steve explains the origins of the “Hellicane” website
10:56 Positive and negative reactions to the site
16:16 How you can submit your Katrina related poetry
20:06 Spreading the word across the world
23:58 Discussions of the creative process
26:22 The beginnings of the PodPoet poetry podcast
31:44 Steve’s poem “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
33:34 Steve’s poem “Little Fly”
36:07 The politics of poetry. Why does it seem so many poets are politically on the left?
42:14 Promo: The Learn Out Loud podcast

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HELLICANE-Hurricane Katrina poems


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  1. Hey Will, thanks for playing the Slam Idol promo. I’m really looking forward to listening to this interview with Steven – I can hardly wait to sync my iPod!

  2. You’re welcome, Simon.
    Always glad to help any way I can.
    Let me know what you think of the interview.

  3. I very much enjoyed hearing the PodPoet interview and learning about his Hellicane website. He is an interesting man and early podcast pioneer!

  4. You're welcome, Simon.
    Always glad to help any way I can.
    Let me know what you think of the interview.


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