Show #12 – Special Guest Queenie


Musician/Poet/Author Queenie blessed us with a great phone interview this week. I actually consider it more of wonderful conversation in fact. Thanks again Queenie!

Topics discussed:
– Songwriting process
– Independent (podsafe) music and podcasts
– Open invite to remix her music
– Free music
– Hierophant
– Her poem “The End”

Also in this show: Poetry SuperHighway – the poetry resource of the week.

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  1. I love your show. I just listened to the interview and music of Queenie. She is absolutely beautiful.

    I have a new poetry, literary and fine arts ezine called at I will have a page in the next issue on podcasts with several links to shows I like. I will include your link if that’s okay. I have done some studio work that I will be converting to MP3s soon. Would you be interesting in using them? You can check me out at There are links to soundclick MP3s I did earlier. If any of that is suitable please feel free to use.

    I am excited by the podcast “revolution.” (Well if it isn’t yet I think it will be). You and others like you are true pioneers. I applaud you.

    Belinda Subraman

  2. Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad that you enjoyed the show, Belinda. She is an amazing person and artist.

    I checked out your websites and poetry. Wow, you have quite a collection of audio poems. I especially liked “Calcutta”.


  3. Queenie is an amazing girl, a talented singer-songwriter. I’m also an ethereal gothic songwriter, and we’ve always been together in the indie world, through these years, her encouragement has helped me also, and I wish she gets one day the success she deserves.
    Congrats also on the feature, Queenie 🙂
    your friends are all expecting “dream of flight”, you’re awesome!

    Priscilla Hernández, singer-songwritter

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