Show #10 – Guest Poet Gwen Ferguson

This week’s show features an interview with poet Gwen Ferguson.
Gwen stopped by the studio last week to share four poems and their inspirations.

Also, thanks to listener, Tim who pointed me in the direction of Queenie, a talented musician out of the Chicago area. I will be conducting an interview with her in about two weeks, so I need your questions!

Leave a question for Queenie HERE at our new message board or contact me via any of the methods in the upper-right corner of this site.
You can also email me an audio question in MP3 format to CloudyDayArt [at]

Listen to the show to hear Queenie’s song “Why”.
Also hear our poetry resource of the week.



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  1. Thanks for having me. I really enjoyed it.

  2. The pleasure was all mine, Gwen!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey great job guys. Will, I like how you’re having the poets bring in different poems, rather than just having them read whatever… kinda spices it up a bit.

  4. Poetry! Poetry! and more Poetry! Yeah.

    You go!

    Rock on.


  5. CM Bauer says:

    Very nice…. as a fellow poet, I commend you.

    CM Bauer

  6. Thanks Andy, Jan, and CM!
    I appreciate the comments.


  7. The pleasure was all mine, Gwen!
    Thanks for stopping by.

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